UVA Scholars at the SCWH Conference

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The 2022 Society of Civil War Historians Conference, which meets in Philadelphia on June 2-4, features presentations from several UVA professors, graduate students, and alumni.

On June 3 at 8:30am, Aaron Sheehan-Dean (PhD 2003) will serve on a roundtable on "Rethinking Violence in the Civil War Era: Beyond the Battlefield," while Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh (PhD 2004) will participate in a roundtable on “New Perspectives in Civil War Military History." At the same time, Amy Murrell Taylor (PhD 2001) will provide comments on a panel titled, "Bounded Liberty: Black Captives and their War for Freedom."

On June 3 at 10:45am, Brian Schoen (PhD 2003) will chair the “Beyond the North and South: International Dimensions of the Civil War” panel, which will also feature a paper by Joshua Morrison (PhD 2021). 

On June 3 at 1pm, Managing Director Brian Neumann will offer advice on "Finding and Pitching Book Projects" at the Graduate Student Luncheon.

On June 3 at 2:30pm, Professor Elizabeth Varon will serve on a panel examining "General James Longstreet and the Limits and Possibilities of Reconstruction." Aaron Sheehan-Dean will offer comments on the panel. At the same time, Kathryn Shively (PhD 2010) will provide comments on a panel entitled, “A Complicated Legacy: West Point and the Many Meanings of the Civil War.”

On June 4 at 10:45am, Ian Iverson (PhD 2022) will present a paper during the "Prejudice on the Prairie" panel. Clayton Butler (PhD 2020) will take part in a concurrent panel on "Dissent and Displacement during the Civil War."

Finally, on June 4 at 2:30pm, PhD candidate Jake Calhoun will take part in a panel examining "Communities and Culture during Reconstruction," while PhD candidate Daniele Celano will participate in a panel on "Changing Conceptions of Loyalty in the Civil War Era."

For more information, visit the Society of Civil War Historians website.