Pre-Order Justene Hill Edwards' New Book

Monday, April 22, 2024

The Nau Center is pleased to announced that Professor Justene Hill Edwards' new book, Savings and Trust: The Rise and Betrayal of the Freedman's Bank, is now available for pre-order from W. W. Norton & Company! 

From the book's description: "In the years immediately after the Civil War, tens of thousands of former slaves deposited millions of dollars into the Freedman’s Bank. African Americans envisioned this new bank as a launching pad for economic growth and self-determination. But only nine years after it opened, their trust was betrayed and the Freedman’s Bank collapsed.

"Fully informed by new archival findings, historian Justene Hill Edwards unearths a major turning point in American history in this comprehensive account of the Freedman’s Bank and its depositors. She illuminates the hope with which the bank was first envisioned and demonstrates the significant setback that the sabotage of the bank caused in the fight for economic autonomy. Hill Edwards argues for a new interpretation of its tragic failure: the bank’s white financiers drove the bank into the ground, not Frederick Douglass, its final president, or its Black depositors and cashiers. A page-turning story, Savings and Trust is necessary reading for those seeking to understand the roots of racial economic inequality in America."

The book will be released on October 22! To learn more, or pre-order your copy, click on the link below.