Nau Center Scholars at Oxford

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Several Nau Center scholars travelled to the University of Oxford this week to take part in the Harmsworth Civil War Workshop. Graduate student Katie Wu presented a paper entitled "Indemnity for Outsiders: The 1886 Case of Reparations in Rock Springs,” and PhD candidate Jeremy Nelson presented a paper entitled "Wolves by the Ears: Wild Predator Policies in the South, 1800-1869.” Our managing director Brian C. Neumann gave a talk on the Nau Center's digital history projects, and our director Caroline E. Janney delivered a public lecture on "The Rise and Fall of Confederate Monuments: Memory and the American Civil War."

Thank you to Adam I. P. Smith, Elizabeth R. Varon, Hannah Greiving, and the Rothermere American Institute for arranging this incredible day of Civil War discussion!