Gary W. Gallagher and Stephen Cushman Publish "Civil War Witnesses and Their Books"

Friday, September 24, 2021

Former Nau Center director Gary W. Gallagher and Executive Council member Stephen Cushman have just published Civil War Witnesses and Their Books: New Perspectives on Iconic Works (LSU Press, 2021). The book features essays by Gallagher and Cushman as well as Associate Director Elizabeth R. Varon and UVA alum Cecily N. Zander. 

From the publisher's website: 

"Civil War Witnesses and Their Books: New Perspectives on Iconic Works serves as a wide-ranging analysis of texts written by individuals who experienced the American Civil War. Edited by Gary W. Gallagher and Stephen Cushman, this volume, like its companion, Civil War Writing: New Perspectives on Iconic Texts (2019), features the voices of authors who felt compelled to convey their stories for a variety of reasons. Some produced works intended primarily for their peers, while others were concerned with how future generations would judge their wartime actions. One diarist penned her entries with no thought that they would later become available to the public. The essayists explore the work of five men and three women, including prominent Union and Confederate generals, the wives of a headline-seeking US cavalry commander and a Democratic judge from New York City, a member of Robert E. Lee’s staff, a Union artillerist, a matron from Richmond’s sprawling Chimborazo Hospital, and a leading abolitionist US senator."

Order your copy now at the link below!