Caroline E. Janney Teaches Wondrium Course

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Wondrium recently released "The Great Tours: Civil War Battlefields," a virtual course featuring Nau Center Director Caroline E. Janney and Gettysburg College professor Peter S. Carmichael. 

From the course website:

"In The Great Tours: Civil War Battlefields, these two renowned experts invite you to join them on the virtual battlefield for an examination of how the Civil War was fought. In 15 lectures, presented in chronological order of the timeline of the battles, you’ll visit 11 sites that take you to a greater understanding of many of the war’s renowned campaigns. It’s an immersive tour of the places and moments that show the viewer what was happening during each battle and the objectives for the battle, while also explaining how the military engagement fit into the overall strategy of the campaign. Whether you’re well-versed in Civil War battles or entirely new to this period of history, The Great Tours: Civil War Battlefields offers fresh insights and new stories to review."

Visit Wondrium or The Great Courses to learn more!