Digital Projects

Black Virginians in Blue Project

Some 450,000 men from slave states wore the Union blue during the Civil War.  This project will create a database of black Virginians from Albemarle County who served in the Union Army or Navy. So far we have identified around 240 men who enlisted and served in over 70 different regiments, and we are nearing the end of our initial searching phase. With the help of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, we are building a database of our soldiers and their families which will be the backbone of a future website. Our project site will contain a searchable database, maps, soldier biographies, and essays examining our men before, during, and after the Civil War. In the meantime, we will post regular project updates on our Nau Center Blog. A second phase will identify UVA students who fought in the Union military.

Civil War Prisons Project

This project will create a series of digital maps to help illustrate the prisoner of war experience during the Civil War. One map will give users an overview of where major prison camps were located in the North and South, how big they were, how many prisoners died at each location, and other similar information. Another map will show the development of the Union prison system over time using data from the monthly prison returns found in the Official Records. Finally, the project will compare a prison site in the Confederacy to one in the North in order to explore the similarities and differences of the two prison systems during the conflict.